Stapleton 1

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I live in Stapleton on the North Shore of Staten Island also referred to sometimes as Shaolin (my favorite because of the sound of it) or ‘the forgotten borough’ (which I find reeking a bit of self-pity).

From my home I have a great view of the New York Bay, the Verrazano Bridge and Brooklyn. When I moved here in 1985 my neighborhood had a pretty rough reputation. These days it’s much safer. It took some time but nowadays Stapleton, just like many other parts of New York with waterfronts, is attracting a lot of attention of real estate developers. My surroundings are changing quickly and drastically. I hope to make a series of pictures in the coming months around that theme. Here is the first on ‘street art’ in Stapleton.

Ik woon in Stapleton, een wijk op Staten Island. Vanuit mijn huis heb ik zicht op de baai van New York, Brooklyn en de Verrazano-brug. Toen ik hier in 1985 kwam wonen had de wijk terecht een ruige reputatie.  Nu is het er een stuk veiliger geworden. Net als vele andere buurten in New York die zicht hebben op het water, is Stapleton tegenwoordig erg in trek bij project-ontwikkelaars. De omgeving is zienderogen en ingrijpend aan het veranderen. Ik heb me voorgenomen om daar in de komende maanden een serie foto’s over te maken. Hier is mijn eerste reeks over ‘street art’ in Stapleton.


Stapleton 2Stapleton 3Stapleton 4

Stapleton 5Stapleton 6Stapleton 19

Stapleton 8Stapleton 9Stapleton 10Stapleton 11Stapleton 12Stapleton 13Stapleton 14Stapleton 15Stapleton 7Stapleton 16Stapleton 17Stapleton 18

stapleton 21 klein

Stapleton 22Stapleton 20More pics, with addresses and names of the artists can be found at

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2 Responses to STAPLETON (1)

  1. Ronald L Rice says:

    I like the photos of art. Too bad they are disappearing, but glad you “Saved” them this way.
    As they say, “There Goes the Neighborhood”.

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